FareShare Corporate Challenge Days – Edinburgh

At the start of September, the team from our Edinburgh and Borders offices spent the day at the Fare Share Edinburgh depot.  FareShare is Bruce Stevenson’s chosen charity for 2017 and the idea was to spend the day helping them out with jobs that they often don’t get the chance to get round to.

Both days were action packed! Everyone mucked in by cleaning (fridges, bins, vans, distribution boxes), gardening & landscaping, sorting food deliveries, recycling tea bags and much more. Whilst there, our teams had the opportunity to learn about the challenges which FareShare faces when sourcing, organising and distributing food in Edinburgh. It was great to speak to the many volunteers who work within the depot, all of whom had stories to tell about how the organisation has helped them.

Currently, the Edinburgh depot is being expanded to include kitchens. These areas will be used to teach the basics of nutrition and cooking to those who have received food and want to learn how to prepare and cook it. FareShare highlighted that this project, amongst several others, is key to tackling hunger and food waste in the future.

Later in the month, staff from our Glasgow office will be taking volunteering at the FareShare depot in the West.