Hydro Insurance

Hydro power uses water collected in reservoirs or redirected from river flows to drive turbines for electricity production. Hydro electric power systems vary in sizes from small kilowatt scales up to large megawatt installations.

With more than 60 hydro schemes in construction and operation around the UK, Bruce Stevenson have the necessary experience to deal with all types of hydro electric installation.

Our bespoke policy offering provides pollution cleanup costs which covers costs of removing pollutants from water or land following an insured loss on the project site.

Insurance Cover for Hydro:

  • Transit including Delay in Start Up
  • Erection All Risks including Advanced Loss of Revenue
  • Construction Liability

Operational Phase:

  • Operational All Risks including Business Interruption
  • Operational Liability

Further Considerations:

  • Professional Indemnity
  • Contract Bonds
  • Directors and Officers