Solar PV Insurance

Photovoltaic (PV) panels are semiconductor devices which can together convert sunlight into electricity. A PV array is created when multiple panels are connected together to increase levels of electrical generation. PV panels are suitable for mounting onto walls or roofs of existing buildings, integrated into the design of a new building or fixed by free standing frames in open spaces.

As per our bespoke offering, we can offer cover for electrical and mechanical breakdown for the panels and associated equipment along with the resultant loss of revenue.

In the event of a claim where liability is accepted by the insurer, they may agree to provide interim payments during progression of the claims which will improve cash flow and allow the developers to satisfy loan repayment requirements.

Insurance Cover for Wind Turbines:

  • Transit including Delay in Start Up
  • Erection All Risks including Advanced Loss of Revenue
  • Construction Liability

Operational Phase:

  • Operational All Risks including Business Interruption
  • Operational Liability

Further Considerations:

  • Professional Indemnity
  • Contract Bonds
  • Directors and Officers