The wind industry is the primary contributor to the renewable energy sector. Both onshore and offshore wind technologies will be a vital contributor in electricity generation across the UK.

Wind turbines convert wind energy into electrical power for local consumption or for export to the national grid. Sizes range from smaller kilowatt rated turbines with rotor diameters of a few metres up to large megawatt machines with rotor diameters measuring in excess of 100m. Currently most turbines are onshore but offshore developments are increasing around UK coastal areas. We have also introduced our leading BS300 facility for small and medium turbines.

At Bruce Stevenson we have an exclusivity agreement with leading renewable energy insurer RSA Insurance plc for wind projects. Having this agreement in place allows Bruce Stevenson to offer extremely competitive terms to our customers backed by a reputable multinational insurer.

Our bespoke policy offering provides cover for loss of revenue following damage to third party infrastructure such as telecommunications and electricity grids.

Insurance Cover for Wind Turbines:

  • Transit including Delay in Start Up
  • Erection All Risks including Advanced Loss of Revenue
  • Construction Liability

Operational Phase:

  • Operational All Risks including Business Interruption
  • Operational Liability

Further Considerations:

  • Professional Indemnity
  • Contract Bonds
  • Directors and Officers / Trustees Indemnity