Out Of Africa

Our corporate ambassador Mark Beaumont, holds the world record for cycling alone from Cairo to Capetown. He completed this gruelling journey in exactly 41 days, 10 hours and 22 minutes. In those six weeks he cycled 10,882 km during which time he spent 439 hours in the saddle.  More recently of course Mark is famous for having smashed the record for cycling around the world, completing the feat in 79 days, pedalling for 16 hours and covering 240 miles every day.

Trips abroad can be the experience of a lifetime. They can also be one of our biggest expenditures of the year. Sadly however, sometimes they can go horribly wrong. The most expensive travel insurance claim to date is thought to be for £650,000 for a Canadian lady who had a premature birth whilst traveling in the US.  Medical treatment abroad can be very expensive and you should ensure that you have at least £1m of cover if travelling to Europe and £2m if travelling to the US.  If you are heading off on your next holiday soon or thinking about booking one, make sure you have adequate travel insurance.  Please speak to us about what you might need to consider and be mindful that many travel insurance policies will not cover travellers over the age of 75.

  • Did you know that the emergency number to ring in Europe is 112.
  • European Health Insurance Cards, which give people the right to access state healthcare during stays in other European Economic Area countries and Switzerland, are FREE. Whilst the UK is still in the EU these cards remain valid.  Apply at gov.uk.

If you need some inspiration for your next holiday, Alice Gully, one of the co-owners of the specialist African travel agent, Aardvark Safaris (www.aardvarksafaris.co.uk) and who runs their Scottish office in Musselburgh, talks to us about why Africa can appeal to everyone:

If I’ve not been to Africa – where do I start when it comes to thinking about a holiday there?

We normally like to chat for five minutes or so, find out your wish list, how you see the safari unfolding and what’s important to you.  With this information we look into dates of travel (each African country has its own weather pattern) and what you want to spend and then start building a holiday.  This is often altered a few times before we get the perfect combination.

Would Africa be too much for a senior traveller?

On the contrary, Africa can be as comfortable or as wild as you want.  Most of the safari lodges are very comfortable with en-suite bathrooms, swimming pools and incredible food and wine, as well as spacious wildlife viewing vehicles.  We have organised safaris for families where the youngest has been 4 and the oldest 94!  Every aspect of our safari and beach is tailored and the lodges are very good at keeping everyone happy.

Would an African holiday suit a younger family?

Yes! I first took my triplet girl when they were just two and they have been going every year since.  Africa and Africans are brilliant for children, where they are learning all the time and being introduced to new cultures, experiences and food. It’s so good for them and their minds to see something that’s so different from home and without a TV or tablet screen in sight.  My girls have made lasting friends on safari.  With children under 8, we tailor the activities to keep everyone safe and entertained at the right level.

If you would like to find out more, Alice would love to hear from you. Please find her contact details below:

Alice Gully | [email protected] | +44 (0) 1578 760222 | www.aardvarksafaris.co.uk