Cyber Crime at Christmas Top Tips

Santa’s Social Media Secrets

The presents have been unwrapped and Christmas dinner has been devoured. A good time has been shared by all. Whilst we’re not trying to dampen the festive spirit, it’s important to carefully consider what you share on social media platforms this Christmas.  Check out below our suggestions to consider before sharing!

  • Turn off Location Settings – Only Santa needs to know where you live and he’s most likely on his way back to the North Pole by now.
  • Checking In – By ‘checking in’ at other locations you are making it publicly known that you aren’t at home. This presents thieves will the perfect chance to act.
  • Posting Photographs of Presents – We realise giving and receiving gifts is exciting. However it’s even more exciting for potential thieves to see what goodies may be up for grabs!
  • Posting Photographs of Event/Travel Tickets – Online fraudsters can copy your name and barcode from photos you share online and are capable of making fake copies of your ticket. If you’re keen to share your experience of the event but want to avoid online ticket fraud, then consider sharing your photos post event.
  • Background of Photographs – If you do decide to share on social media at Christmas, don’t forget to double check the background of the photo as well!

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