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Bruce Stevenson is one of the few insurance brokers with an in-house Claims Department. Our service ensures that our clients benefit from receiving expert advice and support in making a successful claim. Since the commencement of the Coronavirus enforced lockdown and the need to self-isolate, response times across nearly all industries have taken a hit.

So when one of our Farms and Estates clients called our Turriff office at 6.15 pm on a Friday to report that their JCB tractor had suffered a serious fire, it was clear that we needed to act fast to keep their business operational.


A Significant Loss


The fire had resulted in the total loss of our clients' tractor and Amazon Sprayer. The biggest issue here was the size of the claim, which amounted to a loss of nearly £133,000. This is an unusually large loss for an insurer to take and would tend to result in a 2-3-week investigation to scrutinize the facts.

On receiving the phone call, our Account Executive set to work, he immediately started gathering all the necessary evidence and paperwork to build the claim. Our client was able to quickly fulfil all of our information requests, including obtaining information from the tractor’s telematics – a means for the engineers at JCB to observe the performance data of the tractor.

The tractor was less than 3 years old and still under warranty. However, after examining the telematics, JCB advised that were no error codes indicating what caused the fire. A witness saw the tractor around 400 metres before it lost power and he advised no fire or smoke was coming from the tractor at that point. It appears the tractor suffered an internal malfunction which caused the fire.


Building the Case


Our team moved quickly to gather all the technical aspects of the claim.  Our in-house Claims Handlers put a great deal of effort into making the process as stress-free as possible for our client.

The following Monday, we submitted the claim form and the necessary documents to the insurer. Although, due to the size of the loss, the insurer had to refer to the large loss team within their parent company. Typically, this is where a delay can occur as the facts are thoroughly scrutinized. However, on Thursday, the insurer's in-house engineer received detailed photographs from our Claims Department, which combined with our evidence enabled them to make a decision.

The next day, just a week on from the fire, our client received settlement with the balance going to them via electronic payment.


Satisfactory Outcome


Despite the restrictions of the lockdown, and the typical turnaround of such a claim being 2-3 weeks, our team was able to turn around a large claim in an efficient manner. Satisfactorily, our client's insurance policy was successfully held up and the damaged tractor, at the time of writing, is now a matter between the dealer and the insurer.

One of our key strengths as a broker is in our good working relations between our clients and insurers. In this case, we were able to fully support our client and allow the insurer to look at all the angles of the claim to make a prompt and correct call.


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