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Fire Risk Assessments are one of the essential services Bruce Stevenson can help organisations conduct, document and reduce the level of risk on their premises.

It’s a common occurrence for many businesses not to have an up-to-date fire risk assessment. Should your organisation receive a visit from the Health and Safety Executive, a current fire risk assessment will be one of the main documents they wish to review.


Why is a Fire Risk Assessment Important?


The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 (FSA) and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO) are applicable for all business premises.

In Scotland, it is a legal requirement for all businesses and organisations to conduct Fire Risk Assessments to identify how to lessen or remove the risk of fire.


What is a Fire Risk Assessment?


A Fire Risk Assessment is intended to measure the risk from fire in your premises, how a fire might be prevented and how to ensure the safety of individuals in or around your premises in the event of a fire. The outcome of a Fire Risk Assessment must be acted on with appropriate fire safety measures put into effect.

It is a requirement that the steps to follow these measures are clearly documented. These documents must always be kept up to date and accessible on the business premises.


What Should an Assessment Examine and Detail?


Property age, condition & compartmentation
•    Fire hazards/risk and fire prevention
•    Fire-fighting equipment
•    Method of evacuation
•    Fire safety training and drills


Occupation of the premises and persons at risk
•    Fire alarm/detection systems
•    Means of emergency/escape lighting
•    Fire safety signage
•    Deficiencies in the existing fire management


What Are the Penalties?


Failure to have an up-to-date fire risk assessment in place makes it easy for the Health and Safety Executive to present you with a fine. They may also produce a potentially costly assessment on your behalf or, in extreme circumstances, begin legal proceedings and take you to court.


How Do I Get Started?


Bruce Stevenson can help reduce the risk from a fire on the business premises and the financial risk of failing to meet the legislation. Our Risk Consultant can assist with conducting the fire risk assessment, implementing the required changes to meet the legislation, and accurately documenting the findings to ensure you stay compliant. 

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