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A Health and Safety Management System will support your organisation's efficiency and success. A safe workplace means fewer accidents, more productive employees and a better profit margin.

Our cloud-based platform enhances colleague engagement and the Health and Safety culture at every level of your business. Thereby embedding workplace safety as a common goal for your organisation. Integrating a Health & Safety Management System into your workplace will allow greater control of your risk assessments. With real-time reporting of management information available, you can access the reports when you need them, and ensure they stay up to date and compliant.


What Support Does it Offer?


At Bruce Stevenson, we are delighted to have partnered with BCarm - Business Continuity and Risk Management, to offer our clients a cloud-based Health and Safety Management System. This service enables your business to develop, manage and report on Health and Safety compliance. It is our goal to give you peace of mind and ensure that you have robust claims defensibility.

Grows With Your Business

Scalability is built into this service. Allowing the management system to grow alongside both business and your individual needs.

Health and Safety Policy Builder

Our policy builder allows you to build the documentation from templates that meet your legal requirements.

Risk Assessments Management

The Management System allows for the creation of Risk Assessments. These can be created and managed with configurable templates. This service simplifies both the recording and monitoring of workplace risks and hazards.

Accurate Accident Reporting

You can manage all accidents, near-miss accidents and RIDDOR reportable events. With access to configurable templates and question criteria that combine standard incident reporting and HSG65 investigation terminology.

Support When You Need It

Support is available for both using the system and advice on developing the Health and Safety Management System.


Features of the System


•    Accident Reporting
•    Management and Monitoring
•    Managing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
•    Managing Plant Equipment
•    Health & Safety E-learning
•    Multi-location Management
•    Health & Safety Policies
•    Health & Safety Documentation
•    Risk Assessments
•    Risk Management Checklists
•    Training Management
•    Incident Reporting


How Do I Get Started?


We will contact you to provide an overview of services, how they may fit in with your organisation, and explain the support we provide. A new system can sometimes seem daunting, but we are here to support you all the way. Unlimited remote support and training and tutorial documents will be supplied when required. We’ll even help you plan how best to implement the system if you wish.

For large rollouts involving many sites, we will work with you to develop a launch plan including running webinars for all your team.



Any system implementation needs careful consideration and planning to get the whole business on board. Particularly if it involves changes to process, training of staff, and communicating change. We understand the importance of getting this right, first time. You will enjoy our experience in helping others, plan, install and launch the system. It’s important to set realistic objectives approaching it in bite-sized chunks.

We will help you through this and if we think you are trying to achieve too much, too soon, we’ll tell you.


Continuous Support


Support doesn’t end when you are up and running. For as long as you are using the system, we will organise unlimited remote support. Whether it's day-to-day queries, refresher training, support when we launch new systems, training for new starters, you can get in touch to book a session with our team.

We are always keen to review how you are using the system so you can get the most out of it.

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