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At Bruce Stevenson, we understand that everyone is different and that it isn’t always possible, or cost-effective, to incorporate every type of insurance cover into a single policy. That’s why we’ve developed a range of optional extras, each of which can run alongside your existing household policy.


Home Emergency


If you have a problem in your home that needs fixing immediately, a home emergency policy can help you get things working again (please note that this may not include permanent repair). Typically, this policy covers events such as breakdown of your boiler, a burst pipe or blocked drain, and you will have access to a 24/7 helpline. The policy is usually excess-free and has a limit per claim. Before taking out cover, it’s important to check that your boiler and appliances meet the criteria for age and service history and that you don’t have a separate policy elsewhere.


Home Legal Expenses


This type of policy is there to assist you in pursuit and defence of your legal rights if you’re in an accident, suffer personal injury or your property is damaged. It can support you if you have a contract dispute with your employer or have problems with something you have sold, hired or purchased.

Cover also assists in:

protecting your rights over your property and against trespass

loss of earnings if you’re called for jury service

legal rights if you have a tax enquiry


Home Excess Protection


Home excess protect is an insurance product that provides you with peace of mind by knowing that after your policy excess is paid on your home insurance following a successful claim, you will not be out of pocket because home excess protection will reimburse it.


If you would like to speak to us about any of these add-ons, then please contact your account handler. You can find their contact details here.


Note: Some of our insurance policies may include one or more of these extras as standard. It is therefore important to check your policy or speak to your account handler.

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