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Insurance for Private Collections of Whisky Bottles


As one of Scotland’s leading insurance brokers, we can provide a specialist insurance policy for bottled whisky collections.


The continued soaring demand for rare whisky means that collections are increasing in value all the time.

Collectors would benefit from a specialist insurance policy to protect the bottles in the event of unforeseen loss or damage.

This cover can be provided whether the collection is privately or commercially owned or forming part of a wider investment portfolio.


most expensive bottle of whisky

Features of the Whisky Collection Insurance Policy

  • Worldwide cover.
  • Residential or commercial storage locations covered.
  • Automatic cover for new purchases.
  • No minimum value to be insured.
  • Agreed value or current market value basis of settlement.

Have you got a question? Learn more about whisky insurance here, or please get in touch with us here.



4 bottles of rare and valuable mccallan whisky
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