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At Bruce Stevenson, we understand how important it is to you to safeguard your whisky collection and can offer you a specialist insurance policy to protect it.

The value of rare and collectable whisky continues to be strong. While this is good news for whisky enthusiasts, the increase in value also means that your significant investment needs the right type of insurance to protect it.

It is often assumed that your whisky collection will be insured under your home contents policy. Many household policies have low single article limits. This means insurers will not pay any claim for a single item that is worth more, on average, £2,000 in value. Even then, the cover might not recognise the insurance needs that a collection warrants, such as covering the bottles whilst in transit or whilst stored at a commercial location.


You can begin an application for bottle collection or cask collection here.

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Insurance for Bottle Collections


If you're in possession of a distinguished whisky collection, you may want to consider insuring it.

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Insurance for Whisky Casks


Along with bottle collections, we can also help you protect whisky in a cask.

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Would you like to learn more about Whisky Insurance?


We’ve got lots of specialist advice, an exclusive offer and an insight into what happens to damaged bottle collection to share with you.


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What Value Should I Insure My Whisky At?


Recording the correct value of your collection is essential in case you ever suffer a loss or damage.

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Guidance for Storing A Collection


Many choose to store a collection externally, but there are important factors to consider

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The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Exclusive Offer for Members


Case Study - Damaged Collection


Whisky & Water don’t always go well together. Here's an example of a successful claim.

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Insuring Your Collection - Where to Start


If you own a special bottle, or thinking of starting a collection, here are some tips to get started.

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The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Exclusive Offer for Members


Exclusive Offer for SMWS Members


We've partnered with SMWS to present UK members with an exclusive insurance policy.

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Are you looking for Distillery Insurance?


You can visit our Distillery Insurance page here and learn more about Bruce Stevenson's involvement in the growing Scotch Whisky Distillery industry.





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