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Staycation Insurance for Domestic Holidays

09 October 2021

Since the start of the pandemic last year, many of us have chosen to spend our holiday time at home in the UK. However, travel insurance for domestic holidays is still something to consider.

When planning a Staycation, it is important to be aware of the situations your insurance covers.


What is Covered for Staycations? 


When you enter into a contract, for example renting a holiday home, the terms of use will state the costs and expenses you will have to pay if you need to cancel. An example of this is if you unfortunately fall ill with Covid-19. If you have arranged our Premier or Elite travel insurance policy and arrange to stay at a pre-booked property, you will be covered for the costs you will have to pay in the following cases:

    Injury, serious illness (including Covid), or death of the insured's close relatives or accompanying person. 

    You or someone you are travelling with fall ill with Covid, must self-isolate and are unable to travel. This applies when you have been asked to self-isolate by NHS Test and Protect.

    You cannot travel due to serious problems at such as flooding, or you have been burgled and the police require you to be at home. 

    Reasonable additional accommodation and transportation costs if your booked accommodation becomes unavailable. 

•    Costs that cannot be recovered if your travel agency fails financially.

If any of the above occurs, your should first contact should be the business you booked through to see what is refundable and what you need to pay as travel insurance does not pay for costs recoverable elsewhere

* Each of the above covers has policy restrictions. For more information, please visit our Travel Insurance page 


What is Not Covered for Staycations? 


In the event of the government implementing another lockdown, any costs incurred are not covered. It is important to read and understand the Terms of Service carefully and understand what happens if you cannot start your trip before making a booking. Accommodation and travel agencies have significantly extended the cancellation terms due to the pandemic.

Many providers are showing flexibility if you need to cancel or rebook. For some advice on obtaining a refund, please read this advice

For a summary of what is covered and what is not covered click here.

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