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A day in the life of one of our Account Executives...Shani Barclay

08 October 2018

Shani Barclay has worked at Bruce Stevenson as an Commercial Account Executive for four years and has an array of clients stretching from Northumberland to Fife. These are spread across a multitude of sectors including Food and Drink, Tourism, Charity and the Motor Trade. Here’s what a day in Shani’s life typically looks like… 


It’s 7 am, and I’m awoken by the sound of my dogs Mindy and Darcy yelping for their food, so there’s definitely no need for an alarm clock in my house. I feed the dogs, get ready and gather my things to set off on my hour commute from Dunbar across the beautiful countryside to our Border’s office in Galashiels. 

If I’m not heading straight to the office, I’m on the road to meet clients or prospects  that I’m trying to win business with, where I will discuss Bruce Stevenson’s specific capabilities and what we can do to help them in their particular sector. If I’m driving at 10.30am, I’ll switch on the Pop Master quiz on Radio 2, and compete against the nation with my ‘extensive knowledge’ of popular music. (Which isn’t that extensive I can assure you).
Being a Yorkshire lass I’ll happily power through the morning with endless cups of tea, but by the time lunchtime comes around, I’m usually ravenous as I tend to skip breakfast. My ‘go to’ lunch is a salad and a boiled egg…..seriously Rock ‘n’ Roll I know! Because my typical day is flexible, after lunch, I’ll either be out meeting more clients  or, I’ll be in the office working on leads and managing my day-to-day tasks. 

Insurance is very interesting to me, but I understand that to many it’s not. That’s probably why I love my job so much, as I get to meet so many people and learn about what’s worrying them and how I can help them out. Often, when I meet new clients they view ‘Insurance as just money down the drain’ and, believe me if you’re not doing it property it can be! However, I take time to reassure my clients that if we work closely together, if something untoward does happen their policies will do what they are supposed to do and they will see the benefit of being properly covered. 

Working at Bruce Stevenson has led to several other business avenues for me within the Borders. This began when a client of mine, Vicky Steele at Aikwood Tower and is the Scottish Borders Tourism Partnerships secretary asked Bruce Stevenson to sponsor one of their events. When The Partnership’s treasurer retired, Vicky asked me to take on the role as their new treasurer and I happily accepted. I believe it helps demonstrate the importance of collaboration within our local business community. 

When it’s time to head home, I jump in my Audi A3, which is perfect for nipping around the countryside. Unless the weather is awful, I can get home pretty quickly. I just switch on Radio 4 and relax to some good music
At home, I’ll take the dogs a walk with my husband around John Muir country park which has spectacular scenery. Much more so Scarborough, where I grew up. Once the dogs are tired out, we’ll head home and one of us will cook. We share kitchen duties 50/50, but obviously I do the better half of the cooking!

As much as I enjoy cooking, baking is more of my passion and my speciality is Bakewell Tart –Mary Berry would be very proud of me. If I’m not cooking or baking, I’ll be doing some gardening as we have a fairly large patch of land that requires lots of up-keep.

I tend to get all my work done during the day so my husband and I switch off in the evenings. We’ll maybe have a G&T and listen to some music. I’ll try and turn off his heavy rock and put on some indie tunes such as The Chemical Brothers or Moby. It’s the 90’s kid in me coming out! 

Then as the night draws a close, I’ll read a little. I love getting into a good book, usually grab non-fiction or a novel set within a historic period. 

At around 10pm we’re off to bed. I need a good night’s sleep before the working day starts all over again – but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think I’m very lucky to be doing a job I genuinely enjoy. 


Shani Barclay, Bruce Stevenson commercial account executive

Shani Barclay

Commercial Account Executive

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