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Farming Insurance - Beware of Rural Theft

18 January 2018

Rural Theft – Scrap metal

We have recently received reports of the theft of Scrap Metal from farms.

It seems that although the thieves may be somewhat opportunist in their actions, they have already sourced someone to buy the goods from them and in fact are stealing “to order”.  The location may be random but the goods that are being taken appear to be more pre-meditated.

Points to Consider:

  1. Most farms will have a stockpile of scrap metal at this time of year, accumulated after the winter maintenance and repair jobs.
  2. This is still easy pickings for a would-be thief and despite initiatives, there still seems to be a market for it.
  3. Think about the location of your scrap metal – is it somewhere out of sight of the main farm? Is it an unsightly pile that no one wants to look at until you’ve made time to load up and take it to the Scrap Metal Dealers?
  4. This could make it more attractive to the would-be thief. If the scrap metal pile is out of sight, then the chances are that their van is likely to pass unseen.

What can you do?

  1. Some scrap dealers will provide a secure skip on site and collect it when full. This may be an option that some farmers want to consider.
  2. If storing on farm, consider put the heavier items that can’t easily be lifted by hand on the top, so access to the more portable items below is restricted.
  3. If you do suffer a loss or if you see something suspicious, don’t keep it to yourself.
  4. Tell people, phone the police, put it on facebook, tweet about it
  5. Let people know what has happened, ask for help in finding stolen items or apprehending the culprits or even just to raise awareness of instances in the neighbourhood.

These simple ideas can all help in making your farm the one the opportunist thief doesn’t target.


 Jean Arnott-Glennie - Farms & Estates Account Executive at Bruce Stevenson Insurance BrokersJean Arnott-Glennie

Farms & Estates Account Executive


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