08 March 2019

Today marks International Women’s Day with the theme for this year focusing on the need for a more gender balanced world.  You would be forgiven for thinking that International Women’s Day is a new thing, however, it’s actually been going for over 100 years with the first event happening in 1911.

But let’s be honest, this isn’t 1911 anymore so why do we still bother holding events like this?  Surely after a century, days like this aren’t relevant anymore?  Society has evolved enormously over this time.  In the UK alone, there is a raft of legislation giving women legal protections and enshrining their rights, take the Equality Act and Gender Pay Gap Act for example.  We even have a female Prime Minister -   so what more can women actually want?  Surely we can give ourselves a pat on the back, sit back, relax and celebrate?

Well, unfortunately, the reality is that these changes in the law are only the beginning.  It’s too easy to hide behind this work and think that nothing more needs to be done.  Now comes the hard work; changing society’s attitude, behaviour and culture.

So, whilst International Women’s Day is celebrated one day every year, we need to spend the remaining 364 challenging inequality and championing inclusivity.  We all have a responsibility for this and every action we take today will have a positive impact on tomorrow.


Nick Smith

Account Executive & Diversity Champion - Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers






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