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In 2020 We Raised £15,000 for our charity of choice - SAMH

24 March 2021

Last February, Bruce Stevenson announced SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) had been selected as our Charity of Choice for 2020. We’re delighted to report that throughout 2020 we raised over £15,000 for the charity!

SAMH is Scotland’s largest mental health charity and has been dedicated to good mental health and wellbeing for all, representing those affected by mental health problems, for over 90 years. As we’ve been living through difficult and unprecedented times, SAMH has been providing mental health information and support to those struggling with the added pressure and isolation that many have faced.

Our choice to partner with SAMH last year was made after they were the clear winners from an internal ballot of our colleagues. Sadly, Covid-19 prevented the majority of joint fundraising plans that we were so looking forward to from going ahead.

To make up for these lost opportunities, Bruce Stevenson has committed to continuing to support SAMH in 2021. As society starts to come out of lockdown, we looking forward to new opportunities to work together.


Edward Bruce, CEO of Bruce Stevenson, commented:

“We were very excited to partner with SAMH last year and immediately began looking at joint initiatives. Little did we know, in early February, Covid-19 was only a few weeks away from bringing the country to a standstill and scuppering our plans.

SAMH has been a great charity to partner with during our successive lockdowns. I have been very impressed with the useful tips and guides they have been sharing with us. Bruce Stevenson is firmly committed to maintaining a mentally healthy workplace, and SAMH has helped us to do that.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to focus on the fundraising ideas we initially discussed. However, I’m delighted to report that the decision to continue supporting SAMH in 2021 was well received across the business. I hope we get to see some brave members of our team running up all the steps of Murrayfield if STOMP can return there this year!”


Fiona Lewis, SAMH Corporate Partnerships Manager, said:

“Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers’ kind and generous donation will be put towards funding our crucial Information Service. This service is entirely charitably funded and has played a vital role in the past year during the coronavirus pandemic and we know the provision of information will be key in the future. Providing accurate and trusted information on mental health is crucial and SAMH is proud to provide that to people across Scotland. Our hard-earned level of public trust is high at 83%, so we anticipate rising demand for our Information Service.

In the last year alone we have talked to more people than ever before providing quality information and signposting when people need it most, and our website has never been busier with people checking their wellbeing via our online assessment or finding useful resources to read and share.

It’s a shame that Bruce Stevenson and SAMH haven’t been able to work together over the last year in the manner we had hoped. Despite that, we’re looking forward to exploring joint fundraising opportunities as the country comes out of lockdown.”


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