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Farming Insights - Merry Christmas

19 December 2018

By Jean Arnott-Glennie, Farms & Estates Account Executive


Whilst we watch the weather forecasts for signs of a “White Christmas”, it is worth remembering those who work tirelessly to ensure that we have enough food and drink to have a “Merry Christmas”.

• The arable farmers, who grow the barley used to make the dram left out for Santa.

• The wheat growers, who provide the grain to be made into flour, to bake the cookies left under the tree.

• The livestock farmers, who look after their cattle, so there is the most succulent and best quality beef on the table on Christmas Day.

• The turkey farmers, who ensure the Christmas tradition remains as juicy and fresh as possible.

• The pig farmers, who provide the hams for the boxing day cold spread.

• The vegetable growers, who make sure the Brussel Sprouts and parsnips make it to our table in top condition.

• The potato growers, without whom there would be no roasties on the platter.

• The lorry drivers, who deliver our goods where and when required.

• The local shops and suppliers, working to provide quality and variety in our towns and villages.

• The tractor drivers, who will keep the roads open when the snow is falling, day or night.

• The Christmas Tree growers, who nurture their trees for up to 9 years before it appears with sparkling lights and baubles in the window.

All of these are the unsung heroes of the Rural Community and we wish them and you all, a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.


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