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Insurance for Festivals and Events

26 June 2018

With Festival season almost upon us, now is a good time to review your insurance policy. It is not something you enjoy thinking about when preparing for an event, but envisaging a worst case scenario is an essential part of event planning. Are you confident that your insurance policy will react if there is an incident?

With all the organisation involved in running festivals and events, risk and insurance can sometimes be overlooked. Unfortunately, things don’t always run like clockwork. It can pay to be diligent in checking your insurance documentation as part of the early planning and organisational process. Preparation is key. If something does go wrong, you can be confident that you have adequate insurance in place. Some important questions you should ask your insurance broker before staging a public event are:


  • Does our existing insurance programme cover us for staging, hosting and organising a public event(s) or exhibition(s)?
  • What happens if the event should be cancelled or abandoned due to circumstances beyond our control?
  • Who is responsible for insuring what?
  • Have you, as the entity holding the event, checked the limit of public liability insurance of any third party  who is supplying goods or services to the event?


There may be an occasion when you need more specific insurance in respect of an event you are organising and hosting. Your event could be affected by adverse weather and attendees can’t reach your venue in time or there has been a transport strike dramatically reducing the number of visitors. The insurer would pay the irrecoverable expenses to enable you to rearrange the event and your financial loss through reduced ticket sales if applicable.

Remember that the insurance is not there to protect you against the commercial failure of the event. It is there to protect you in the event that you suffer a financial loss due to an unforeseen circumstance.

 If you have any questions regarding staging events or exhibitions please get in touch with me below


Alexandra Richards, Private Clients Development Executive at Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers

Alexandra Richards

Private Clients Development Executive




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