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Top Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Travel Insurance

15 October 2021

Travel insurance is there to help you in an emergency when you are stranded or left out of pocket if something goes wrong. Let's see how you can get the most out of your travel insurance.


Before You Travel


• Research Your Destination

Most good insurance companies will provide advice and access to websites with important information on your destination country. This will include local arrangements, political situations, safety conditions, and vaccination requirements. If you have a Bruce Stevenson and Millstream Travel policy, you can access ‘360 Assist’ for this important information. 

• Emergency Medical Care

In case of illness or injury, contact your local medical institution immediately. It's a good idea to first find this before you travel. Call your travel insurance hotline as soon as possible as they can help you get access to the best care. They can also assist with any language barriers and, if necessary, help get you home. 


Delays, Cancellations and Missed Flight


• Missed Flight 

In the event of public transport delays, transport strikes or unforeseen delays due to bad weather, you can usually claim for a hotel room and the extra costs to help you reach your destination. Most travel policies have limits that may only cover you for a basic room and economy travel. 

young woman stands at airport departure board looking at her watch

• Travel Delays

If you are delayed there are usually small amounts that you can claim to cover extra food and drink while at the airport. If you need to rebook more than 12 hours late, you can claim the same as if you missed your flight. If you experience more than a two-hour delay, our travel insurance policies can give you access to the airport's Executive Lounge

• Cancellation

Cancellation insurance covers charges and costs such as non-refundable deposits you are contracted to pay if you are forced to cancel. An example of this is catching Covid-19 and having to self-isolate and miss your trip. You would need to speak to your airline, or tour operator, and what is refundable and what you have to pay.


On Your Holiday 


• Stolen Property 

Always contact the local police for assistance. They will give you the crime reference number needed to make a claim. If the stolen goods are essential to enjoying your vacation, replace them immediately and save your receipt. All travel insurance policies have individual billing limits and some are very low, so check your coverage carefully before you leave. 

• Missing Baggage

You have arrived at your destination, but sadly your baggage has not. In most cases, you will need to consult your airline to locate and send your baggage. If it takes more than 24 hours, insurance will cover the purchase cost of replacing your necessities. Once again, you must save the receipt. 


Once you have booked your trip, you should take out travel insurance straight away. Our insurance partner, Millstream, is a travel specialist and has been looking for ways to improve our travel policy and better protect our customers over the past year.

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