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Driving in the EU in 2021 - Green Card Waiver Announced

13 July 2021

The European Commission announced on the 30th of June that UK drivers will no longer be required to carry insurance ‘green cards’ when taking their vehicles to EU countries.

Currently all UK-registered vehicles are legally required to carry a Green Card, under the new measures, the UK will be admitted into the Green Card Free Circulation Zone.

This move means UK motorists travelling to the EU will be able to drive freely between other EU countries and other EEA countries without requiring supplementary insurance documentation. However, this decision will not take effect immediately. The EU has confirmed that the Green Card Waiver takes effect from 2nd August 2021. This means that drivers must continue to carry a Green Card until 2nd August.

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20th January 2021


The recent Brexit deal between the UK and EU did not include the issue of the UK’s ability to remain part of the Free Circulation Area. It is expected that any announcement will not be made before March. In the meantime, people wishing to drive their cars in EU member states need to carry a printed Green Card.

Firstly, it is important to contact us or your insurer to ensure you have all you need as early as you can as there may be a backlog of requests.

Green Cards need to be printed. This no longer needs to be on green paper, black and white are now valid, but email or electronic copies are not permitted.

  • When requesting a Green Card you will need to provide the following information:
  • Date(s) of travel
  • Name of driver(s)
  • Countries travelling to/through
  • Vehicle make, model and registration number for each car you are taking.
  • Details of trailer or caravan as these will need a separate Green Card.


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9th November 2020


As we near the end of the UK's Brexit transition period, after formally leaving the EU on 31st January 2020, changes which impact motorists will be coming into effect.

Whilst the definitive wording is still being negotiated, after 31st December 2020 UK motor insurance customers driving in the European Economic Area (the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein & Norway), Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland, will need physical proof of motor insurance when they travel. This documentation is commonly referred to as a Green Card.


What is a Green card?


Green Cards are an international certificate of insurance issued by insurance providers in the UK. They provide a guarantee that you have the necessary minimum motor insurance cover for driving in the country being travelled to.


Why is a Green Card needed?


A Green Card is an international certificate of insurance which guarantees that you have the necessary third party insurance cover. These certificates prove that you are suitably insured to drive in these countries. A physical copy of a Green Card is needed when travelling, as digital copies are not currently accepted. If you arrive at the border without a physical Green Card, you will not be allowed to drive in that country.

Please be aware that UK motorists travelling with trailers and caravans should have two Green Cards issued – one for the towing vehicle and one for the trailer/caravan.


How do I get a Green Card?


They are not issued automatically with your renewal documentation by all insurers. You can get a Green Card by requesting it from your insurer through us.

However, please contact us as far in advance of your trip as possible to ensure you receive the Green Card in time for your travel. Some insurers are advising that you need to give them a month’s notice in order to get a Green Card in time for any planned trip.

To request one, please contact your usual Bruce Stevenson representative here.

Driving in the EU in 2021 - Do I Need a Green Card?

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