How Does COVID-19 Affect Your Insurance for Second Homes and Holiday Homes?

16 April 2020

Responding to the UK Government restrictions on movement and advice against all but essential travel, insurers are generally being flexible in their approach towards policy conditions for these types of properties.


Security and Inspections

You should always take all reasonable steps to ensure that all security measures are in place such as locks on doors and windows, intruder alarm where applicable and services shut off where possible. While most insurers are being flexible in their requirements around regular inspections (weekly, fortnightly or otherwise) and relaxing such requirements not all insurers are taking the same stance so in the first instance please contact us if you are unable to comply with your policy conditions and we will speak to your insurer for you. Where inspections can be made always make a record.


Central heating Clauses

Some second home or holiday home policies state that the property must be heated to a certain temperature when unoccupied to help avoid escape of water losses due to burst pipes. This policy condition is normally applied only during winter months (beginning of November to end of March) so should not an issue at this time if you are unable to comply. Do speak to us if you want clarification on your policy details.


Holiday rental income

If you let out your holiday home there is no cover for your loss of income as a result of the lockdown. If you have loss of rent cover included in your policy it will almost certainly only be triggered if you are unable to let out the property following insured physical damage or loss to the property from perils such as fire, storm damage or escape of water.


If you have any particular questions or concerns relating to the unoccupancy of your second property or holiday, please contact your usual Bruce Stevenson representative. Or, send us a message here

Please visit our Coronavirus Information page for more guidance and updates.

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