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No Small Beer | Scottish Beer Awards

03 March 2020

It is no secret that this small nation of ours enjoys a tipple or two but then we do seem to have the knack of combining whatever nature has to offer on our doorstep and turning it into a palatable delight.

Along with whisky and gin, beer has seen phenomenal growth in popularity over the past decade with brewers constantly experimenting with all manner of weird and wonderful concoctions and collaborations to deliver unique products appealing to a variety of taste buds.

There are now around 115 breweries in Scotland, an increase of some 230% over just 10 years. The growing brewing industry is celebrated in September at the Beer Matters conference and Scottish Beer Awards, an event Bruce Stevenson has been proud to support with our sponsorship of the Scottish Brewery of the Year award for the past two years.

For last years awards we felt duty-bound to pay the finalists a visit beforehand and, thanks to the hospitality of West, Stewart Brewing, Williams Bros, Fierce and BrewDog, we left with a much better understanding of the science and hard work that goes into every bottle and can that rattle off the production line. (Naturally, we did try a glass or two en route.)


Kerr Henderson, commercial account executive at Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers

Kerr Henderson

Commercial Account Executive




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