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Scotland's Renewable Energy Cycle: A Review

17 December 2018

Scotland’s Renewable Energy Cycle took us on a journey from London to Hoy and then 18,000 miles around the planet. Our London office is not quite that, but it is a modern and welcoming floor where Bruce Stevenson hosted an event attended by guests from the UK renewable energy sector.

I kicked things off with the story of how the 350 residents the Orkney island of Hoy benefit from ownership of a community owned E44 Enercon turbine with income funding community buses, transport, jobs and energy savings.  


World Leader in Renewable Energy

Scottish Renewables are the ‘voice of the Scottish renewable energy sector’, and Nick Sharpe, Director of Communications, eloquently demonstrating the commitment, opportunities and of course challenges for this sector. Nick's presentation left all who attended in no doubt that Scotland is a world leader in this renewables and still has a bright future.

Finally, and after a fog delayed flight to London, Mark Beaumont showed that getting from A to B by bike was the way to go. Mark was corporate ambassador with Bruce Stevenson throughout his successful attempt to smash the world record for cycling 18,000 miles round the world. His delivery of the ’80 days’ challenge followed by plenty of chat and selfies showed that his achievements are admired by non-cyclists and lycra wearers alike.


Cycling Back

All in all, it was a great day, and with excellent feedback for the venue, speakers and topics it is something that Bruce Stevenson are very likely to repeat in 2019.

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Derek Skinner, Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers Renewable Energy Director Derek Skinner

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