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01 May 2019

Beastly Advice

The imaginatively named “Beast from the East” not only brought the first red weather warning since the current system was introduced in 2011, it also provided a flurry of terrible insurance advice from various social media “experts”.

“Your car insurance will be invalid” proclaimed these connoisseurs of fake news, almost gleeful in their eagerness to be the story breaker to their friends and followers. Their advice was of course incorrect and this modern version of “man in the pub” guidance should be avoided at all costs.

Quite simply, if you want insurance advice – speak to an insurance expert!

Don’t be blasé about a blaze

Picture yourself standing outside your firm’s premises the day after a fire. The dying embers are still smoking away as you wonder how and if your business will ever recover. How would you feel in that moment?

The fires at the Glasgow School of Art should act as a stark reminder to all that disasters can and do happen, sometimes more than once.

Whilst the cause of the June 2018 fire has not yet been established, we do know that for a fire to start, three elements must be present. Heat, Fuel & Oxygen. This is known as the “Fire Triangle”    

Interestingly, it’s another tripartite relationship that will ensure you have the best available protection in the event of a catastrophe; that of Policyholder, Broker and Insurer working together for the best possible outcome.

If you’ve not already done so, please take time to consider how a major event could potentially affect your business. Speak to Bruce Stevenson now and don’t leave it until the day after the event.

Driverless Cars

We all know that young drivers are expensive to insure, but what happens when you have no driver at all? Well, we are already heading down that road of discovery.

It’s the Government’s stated ambition to see fully self-driving vehicles on UK roads by 2021 and with The Automated and Electric Vehicles Act 2018 receiving Royal Assent in July this year, there is now an insurance framework in place for such vehicles.

How will the insurance market cope? Undoubtedly there will be challenges, but the industry has adapted and evolved for over 400 years and will continue to do so taking account of modern developments. Watch this space and find out how we at Bruce Stevenson look to navigate this potentially legislative speedbump.


Robert Campbell. Bruce Stevenson Commercial Account Executive

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