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What do Insurance Broking and the Armed Forces have in common?

12 November 2018

What does insurance broking have in common with the Armed Forces?

At first glance, it may not seem like much, but dig a little deeper and you find a core of values and standards that apply just as much to business as they do to the Armed Forces.

I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy a career in the insurance industry for the last ten years and the last two of those have also been spent as a reservist with the British Army. Managing two completely different career choices has always had its challenges, however, it’s the business application of my Army training that helps me get my employer on board.


Shared Values, Shared Skillsets 


Teamwork, self-administration and leadership are just some of the few skills that are instilled into day-to-day life as a soldier. These are not just transferrable into business, but actively and universally sought after throughout the business world. 

I was recently on a team medic course, which on the surface, may not have any relevance to my day job. However, once you combine the above with the problem solving, collectiveness and lateral thinking of a medical situation, you are building on skills that can easily be applied to almost any set of circumstances. If I can learn to triage a mass group of casualties, I can certainly better triage insurance projects within the office. 

I strongly believe that my civilian and military careers don’t just have to merely co-exist. Given the right support and nurturing they can complement each other considerably. Whenever I consider a request for training, I always jot down what I want to do, how it will benefit my progression and how it will benefit my civilian employers. 

It’s important that companies delve a little deeper when considering skills and qualities reservists and service leavers can bring to the table and how these additional skills can become vital tools within the workplace. 

I’m delighted that Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers have signed the Armed Forces Covenant and for the flexibility they have shown to me since my training started. As a  company, they  don’t just tick the boxes they genuinely get it. 

I’m extremely proud of that fact. 


Michael Hashim, Commercial Account Executive at Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers

Michael Hashim

Account Executive

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