Annual Charity Cycle Fundraising Success

On Wednesday 6th of June the Bruce Stevenson Annual Charity Cycle took place in the Trossachs. Our corporate ambassador, Mark Beaumont best known for cycling the world in 78 days joined 50 cyclists on the day. Participants tackled an arduous 52 mile route surrounded by some fantastic scenery and raised over £1400 for charity. The […]

Self-Build Home Insurance – What you need to know

‘Selfie’s’ really are all the rage these days! The awareness and popularity of self-build homes in the UK has been rocketing, with many self-builders realising the considerable advantages of their construction.  A self-built home offers many exciting possibilities, but it also represents a significant investment in both time and money. Self-building carries risks of injury and […]

Farming Insights – Goat Farming

This month we found out a little more about one of our clients who have been specialising in Goat meat. Maxine Tarry and her partner, Ian Garden are farmers in Aberdeenshire. Between them, they manage an arable, sheep, beef and goat enterprise, specialising in High Health Status Goats for both breeding and meat production. They […]

Out Of Africa

Our corporate ambassador Mark Beaumont, holds the world record for cycling alone from Cairo to Capetown. He completed this gruelling journey in exactly 41 days, 10 hours and 22 minutes. In those six weeks he cycled 10,882 km during which time he spent 439 hours in the saddle.  More recently of course Mark is famous […]

Setting Sail – Boat Insurance

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the jobs that need doing before the season starts, so we thought it might be useful to list eight de-wintering tasks that can easily get forgotten about. Give your topsides some attention. After giving your boat a thorough wash down to get rid of any mould and algae […]